Prices 2017/2018

Including Breakfast, bed linen (from 2 nights for groups), Vienna map and all taxes, per bed& per night, excl. towels.

Prices Subjekt to Change or correction.

Our last minute offers (only for individuals), please refer to our Reservation page.

Valid from 30.10.2017-23.03.2018 (except New Year’s Eve 29.12.17-02.01.18)

(Sun - Thu)
(Fri + Sat.)
10-12 bed dorm14,30 EUR19,40 EUR    
8 bed dorm14,90 EUR22,10 EUR
6-7 bed dorm20,50 EUR25,70 EUR
2-bed room (category A)36,00 EUR36,00 EUR
2 bed room (category B)26,70 EUR29,80 EUR
1 bed room (category A)61,60 EUR61,60 EUR
1 bed room (category B)43,50 EUR54,00 EUR
private Studio 2 bed room, 24m²72,00 EUR72,00 EUR
private Apartment 4 bed, 35m²110,00 EUR110,00 EUR
3-4 bed room 26,70 EUR29,80 EUR

Valid from 23.03-15.06.2018 and from 20.08-30.08.2018

10-12 bed dorm21,90 EUR23,80 EUR
8 bed dorm23,90 EUR24,90 EUR
6-7 bed dorm28,90 EUR29,30 EUR
2 bed room (category B)38,20 EUR38,20 EUR
1 bed room (category B)65,70 EUR65,70 EUR
private Studio 2 bed room, 24m²86,00 EUR86,00 EUR
2 bed room (category A)43,00 EUR43,00 EUR
1 bed room (category A)74,20 EUR74,20 EUR
3-4 bed room 43,00 EUR43,00 EUR

Valid from 15.06.2018-20.08.2018 (except02.07-04.07.17 Donauinselfestival * and Summer 02.07-04.07.2018)

(Fri + Sat)
10-12 bed dorm22,50 EUR22,50 EUR
8 bed dorm24,50 EUR24,50 EUR
6 bed dorm29,70 EUR29,70 EUR
2 bed room (category A)44,00 EUR44,00 EUR    
2 bed room (category B)38,20 EUR38,20 EUR
1 bed room (category A)74,20 EUR74,20 EUR
1 bed room (category B)65,70 EUR65,70 EUR
private Studio 2 bed room, 24m²88,00 EUR88,00 EUR
private Apartment 4 beds, 35m²115,00 EUR115,00 EUR
3-4 bed room 38,20 EUR38,20 EUR

Donauinselfestival 2017 Minimum stay 2 Nights*:

Valid from  22.06.2018-24.06.2018

10-12 bed dorm 26,10 EUR
8 bed dorm28,50 EUR
6 bed dorm30,80 EUR
2 bed room (category A)48,90 EUR
2 bed room (category B)39,20 EUR
1 bed room (category A)95,00 EUR
1 bed room (Kategorie B)82,00 EUR
Private Studio 2 bed room, 24m²99,00 EUR
Privat Apartment 4 beds, 35m²120,00 EUR
3 bed room41,00 EUR

Summer valid from 02.-04.07.2018

10-12 bed dorm25,60 EUR
8 bed dorm27,70 EUR
6-7 bed dorm31,90 EUR
2 bed room (category A)50,00 EUR
2 bed room (category B)40,40 EUR
1 bed room (category A)69,00 EUR
1 bed room (category B)76,40 EUR
private Studio 2 bed room, 24m²100,00 EUR
private Apartment 4 bed room, 35 m²120,00 EUR


Towel to buy: 4,50 EUR 
Car parkingavailable

Easter; Ascension Day; Corpus Christi, Donauinsel Festival and Summer Minimum stay 2 nights

Cat. A. is a four-bedroom, which you booked as a single or two-bedroom (for a higher Price).

Cat. B. is smaller than Cat. A room and has a window to an airway which also serves as Elevator shaft. The Elevator will be shut down at 10pm.

Studio or apartment (minimum saty 3 nights): Please send us an email and ask for the availability of studio or apartment.


Rate per child and night

(only with parents or legal guardian )

Children up to the age of 6 years stay free of charge in 1-2 bedroom cat.A

Children between 6 and 16 years pay full price in private 3-bedroom
From the age of 16-18 years we charge full price in dormitories (only with parents or legal guardian )