Short history of our hostel

The building housing the Westend City Hostel can look back on a long history. The building was constructed in the mid-1870s in a phase of urban expansion on the site of an old brick factory. Unlike the neighbouring houses the building has been a hotel from the very beginning. The proximity to the Westbahnhof and the city centre ensured that our establishment was already a sought after address over 150 years ago.

The building survived the two world wars relatively unscathed, a small miracle considering the damage caused by air raids and fighting in the area surrounding the Westbahnhof. During the occupation of Austria the hotel was home to British officers. In the following years the Westend Hotel saw many different guests coming and going until it was remodelled into a hostel in 2002.

Since the hostel was taken over by the Schreyer and Niedermayer families in 2006, the building has undergone continual modernisation works. This has brought the buildings classical structure up to 21st century standards, and ensures that our guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Vienna.