What do I get for breakfast?

Breakfast is offered subject to availability.

It is served for groups (of at least 20 travelers) between 7am and 10am in our breakfast room and consists of rolls, ham, cheese, butter, jam, hazelnut cream, honey, meat paste, soft cheese, cereals, cocoa, coffee, tea, hot and cold milk, orange juice, cucumbers and apple,… for a small extra charge you can get boiled eggs.

We can recommend:(5 Minutes to go)

Backwerk at der Mariahilfer Str. 124  (Mo- Fr 7:00-19:00 – Sat, Sun 8:00-15:00)

or Ströck in Westbahnhof  / U-Bahn.


XXXL-Restaurant  (XXXLUTZ MaHü) : Mariahilferstrasse 121b-Ecke Millergasse (Breakfast Mo-So 8:00-11:00)


For the vegans and allergy sufferers, we recommend MaranVEGAN – Vegan Supermarket in Stumpergasse 57, 1060 Vienna: only 3 minutes from us:


Is there a kitchen in the hostel?

We can provide you with a microwave, BBQ grill, water boiler, fridge and of course plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery…

What does the 11-bedroom look like?

In this room, the different sleeping areas are visually separated from each other. Besides the shower and WC inside the room there is also another in the corridor.

I have to check out at 10.30 but my train is leaving not until the evening. Where can I leave my luggage?

Feel free to use our free lockable luggage room.

Where do I get city maps?

At our reception – also for free.

Do you offer round-trips and tourist tours?

You can book several of them at the reception.

After having been out late, how do I get back into the hostel?

As our reception is occupied 24 hours a day, there is no need to worry about getting locked out. You can ring the bell outside at any time or you can open the door with your keycard.

How late can I check in?

As long as you have reserved in advance it is no problem to check in after midnight.
Generally your bed will be reserved until 18.00 (06 p.m). Please call when arriving after 18.00, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.
Reservations by telephone are only accepted one day prior to arrival. In this case your bed will be reserved until 18.00. Please call when arriving after 18.00, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

I would like to wash my clothes – is this possible at Westend City Hostel?

Yes, of course. We sell washing powder and tokens for the washing machine and the dryer, all for 7 EUR.

Can I use internet at Westend City Hostel?

We also offer free W-LAN for our guests. Just ask the receptionist for the password.

Can I drink the water from the tap?

Yes, the Viennese tap water comes directly from springs in the Styrian mountains and fulfills every quality standard worldwide. Enjoy it.